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Enable Online Two-Way Interactions --Using Video and Audio

My name is Allen Oelschlaeger and I'm a long-time corporate executive, serial entrepreneur, published author, and marketing professor.

I've been online since the early 90s and I've used eLearning systems (Blackboard, Desire2Learn) for several years --

-- and I hate forums

I love the concept of forums (enabler of online two-way interactions), but I despise forums as they've traditionally existed.

Why? Two reasons:

  • They're boring -- I've never met anyone who likes to read through online written discussions, especially my marketing students!
  • Only a small fraction of people like to write -- so it's like pulling teeth to get contributions.

Also, in an education environment, the submission of written material just doesn't work as a means of evaluation for many online classes (e.g., languages, anything with a physical component).

But, what if there was a system that enabled online two-way interactions via video and audio? Now, that would be engaging.

That's why I developed Video-Audio Forums.

How Video-Audio Forums works

Subscribers to Video-Audio Forums are provided with two URL links -- one to a submission page and one to a display page, both hosted on our servers.

These links can be easily added to a website, blog, or course menu within an eLearning system.

When someone accesses the submission page, they are presented with the opportunity to submit a forum entry via video (using their web cam) or audio (using their computer microphone or telephone).

When a forum entry is submitted, it is automatically posted to your Video-Audio Forums account in draft form and you are notified by email. You can then preview the submission and decide whether or not to publish it (a simple one-step process).

Alternatively, you can set the system to not require your approval and immediately publish submitted entries.

Once published, submissions appear on your Video-Audio Forums display page (which you can make public or keep private for your eyes only).

That's it -- it doesn't get any simpler

Your Video-Audio Forums system enables people to submit video (using their computer's web cam) and audio (using their computer's microphone or a telephone) forum entries -- and then posts those entries to a display page with almost no work on your part.

Just direct people to the submission page to provide their entry and link them to the display page to view entries.

The Video-Audio Forums display page has these features:

  • 100% self-manageable. Approve/reject submissions and add/change submission text from within your online Video-Audio Forums account.
  • Resides at an Internet domain unique to your business/school.
  • Displays an unlimited number of testimonials -- video and audio -- for a single, low monthly fee.
  • Places each forum at a unique URL so you can direct people to those relevant to a situation.


Online Educational Courses

  • Have students submit video or audio assignments for evaluation (e.g., language tests, physical demonstrations).
  • Replace boring text-based discussions with more-engaging two-way video and audio interactions.


  • Add an Ask The Expert link to your website to allow people can ask you question (via video or audio), with your response using the same media.
  • Add a Video-Audio Forum to your membership site where members can interact with you and each other using video and audio

Two Versions

Video-Audio Forums comes in two versions:

  • Basic -- where you have the ability to approve/reject submissions and add/change submission text from within your online Video-Audio Forums account, but you have no direct access to the video and audio files.
  • Premium -- where you also have direct access to the video and audio files so you can do other things with them (e.g. add them to other media, download them for later use, send them via email). See below for other features of the premium version.

To find out about our low pricing, our unconditional guarantee, and the simple steps to get a custom a Video-Audio Forum working for you, just click below.


Premium version -- other features

If you subscribe to the premium version of Video-Audio Forums, you are actually getting access to a very powerful video and audio online management system.

Here are the kinds of things you can do with this system:

  • Record and store video/audio clips with your computer's webcam/microphone using the integrated media recorder. This eliminates all of the hassle of recording video and audio for online use (send video/audio email, add video/audio to your website, post video/audio blog entries, podcast -- see below).
  • Upload video/audio files in almost any format and let the system's transcoders automatically convert them to the optimal formats for the Internet (.FLV and .MOV for video, MP3 for audio). Make videos with any camcorder and then let this technology eliminate all the complexity of using them in your online programs.
  • Record and store telephone calls of up to 3 hours in length with no per-minute charges. Use for recording phone calls, teleseminars, and phone interviews that you can then share with others. Each Video-Audio Forums account has unlimited disk storage for these recordings.
  • Send a video or audio email (you won't believe how simple this is to do) using the integrated multi-media email system . Include graphics (dozens of templates are available) and add links to other web pages. Video-only email services (with less features) charge $50 per month or more for just this one functionality.
  • Add custom players (8 video and 10 audio choices) to your website that, when started (can be set to start automatically upon page load), will stream in your video or audio content to any webpage. An incredible 5 GB of bandwidth is included in the low monthly fee. Adding video and audio to your website could not be easier.
  • Embed video and audio into your emails with just a few mouse clicks. Integrates with any email/CRM marketing system (e.g., Infusion Soft, Constant Contact, iContact, AWeber).
  • Set up your Blog (almost any service) and/or Twitter accounts on the system and publish video and audio directly to those accounts (the blog displays the video or audio player and the tweet includes a link to the video or audio file and up to 108 characters of text).
  • Set up a podcast and start producing your own online radio show within minutes.

And here's the best part -- you can learn how to use all this advanced, online video and audio management functionality in about 30 minutes. And, if you run into a snag, our unlimited customer support is available to assist you.

Even if you use a small fraction of this advanced functionality the additional monthly fee for the premium version is more than worth it.

Click below to find out about our low pricing, our unconditional guarantee, and the simple steps to get our Video-Audio Forums system working for you.